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FeedBurner is a web feed application. It allows you to distribute (feed) your blog posts and headlines to your other blogs or web pages. People can also subscribe to a feed and keep up with your latest postings. If you click on this "chicklet" symbol on the right, you can subscribe to the feed of this blog. You can also give people the option of subscribing via email. To demonstrate FeedBurner's "BuzzBoost," I have included a feed from MCC Library's blog at the right.

If you want to use FeedBurner, get started this way:

  1. Create an account at FeedBurner.
  2. Put in the address of your blog in the "Burn a feed right this instant" box and follow the directions.
  3. "Publicize" your feed.
    • Create a "chicklet" via the "Chicklet Chooser," so people can easily subscribe to your feed.
    • If you want to republish your feed to another blog or website, use either the "Headline Animator" or "BuzzBoost" utilities.