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Zoho is a full featured online office that provides individuals with a free suite of online office applications. A similar service is Google Docs. Zoho has more applications than Google Docs, including a wiki, project manager, and database creator. Both suites allow users to collaborate on documents, which would be good in a classroom or research environment. The great thing about online office suites is that you do not need to have the software on you computer, you go to the software on the Internet. There is no cost involved. (If you want no cost office suite software, try StarOffice from Sun.)

Your blog posts can be created in Zoho Writer and then easily uploaded to your blog. Blogging services provide a way to post to your blog via the web or your mobile phone, but the amount of formatting you can easily do is limited. Zoho Writer allows for richer formating of posts and it is easier to use.

Using Zoho is simple:

  1. Make an account at Zoho.
  2. Click the Zoho Writer icon.
  3. Write you blog post.
  4. Save the post.
  5. Publish the post to you blog, by clicking the Zoho Writer "Publish" tab.
  6. If you need to change your post, all you have to do is make the changes and republish.
Here is a video that shows the creation and publication of a blog post. The posts on this blog were created using Zoho, Google Docs, and Blogger's posting tool.