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Flickr is a social networking application that provides photo sharing and photo depository. Photos are categorized with user-generated tags and sorted into user-defined sets. More than just being a place to put your vacation photographs, Flickr can be used in creative ways. If you want to share with your students images your collection of rare Greek pottery or the dig you just finished in Kuaca Prieta, Flickr is a great place to do this. If you have a cameraphone, you can easily upload your photos to your Flickr account or blog (Flickr supports uploading to many blog sites). This is great, since you do not need a camera or computer, just your phone! The social aspects of Flickr allows users to find and link with other users' photos. You can develop a huge network of contacts this way, all based on user-defined commonality.

To get started with Flickr:

  1. Create an account at Flickr. If you have a Yahoo account, you already have a Flickr account.
  2. Upload photos. Flickr has very easy photo uploading tools. You can also upload via email or by mobile phone.
  3. Title and tag your photos.
For your blog you might want to create a Flickr badge (widget), like you see on the top of this page. A badge can display photos from your entire collection, or be limited to certain tags.

Here is a quick video on Flickr.